Selenite Tealight Candle Holders


Individually hand-crafted from Selenite, these Tealight Candle Holders are divine. The glow of the candle light through the crystal creates a magical effect.

Size: 8 CM D x 8 CM H 

Weigh: Roughly 1kg

Beautifully designed to simply pop in a tea light. Selenite crystals are white in colour, and have many healing properties for mental clarity and peace.  

Selenite is thought to be one of only a few crystals that can cleanse and recharge both itself and other gemstones. 

Please note: Price is per one piece & that your crystal may not be exactly pictured here, lighting and genuine pieces make each stone unique and different.  Each stone has its own colouring, shape and weight. A piece will be intuitively chosen for you.