White Moonstone Oval Rings


This beautiful White Moonstone Copper Ring is absolutely stunning. It’s adjustable to suit which we finger you want to wear this piece.

What does a moonstone ring symbolise?

The meaning of moonstones has its roots in history. Moonstone signifies balance, relaxation, feminine energy, love, and fertility. Wear moonstone as jewellery to keep your life stress-free and balanced.

White moonstone is affiliated with the crown chakra for spiritual or psychic experiences.

Benefits of Wearing Moonstone
  • It helps to regain inner balance.
  • It helps in self- healing.
  • It protects travellers from accidents, thefts or any other mishap.
  • It is a good gift for lovers to enhance passion between them.
  • It helps in spiritual growth.
  • It also helps to reunite the lost lovers.